Get ready to party - Sunday October 24th 2021

Only £10 per ticket and NO booking fee!

We will have been on air a whole year this October! To celebrate we are having a party and hosting the inaugural ARC Radio listener awards!

Join us for an evening of superb entertainment with performances from some of the best artists in the UK plus a VERY special guest appearance by Robbie Harte who is flying in from New York especially to perform at the awards.

Stevie O'Connor, Rob Wheeler, Caitlin Mae, Tennessee Twin, Gasoline & Matches and Stuart Landon & The Angels with Dirty Faces

2021 Birthday & Listener Awards

New Music Playlist - 17th October 2021

Our New Music Playlist for week commencing 17th October is here!

As ever we are delighted to have a broad mix of styles and independent artists appearing alongside signed!

Hear it in FULL at 2pm on Sunday's

The Playlist - Explained

The New music playlist is published each week and divided into 3 categories, plus Album and Record of the week.

Record of the Week (RotW)

This is normally a single due out within the week and is promoted separately on socials etc. The track is guaranteed 5 plays each week day plus any additional play by presenters, including a play on Drive Time each day (Mon-Wed & Fri)

Album of the Week

One track from the album (a different track is chosen each time) is played six times a day (Mon-Fri). One track is also chosen and played on Drive Time

A List

Our highest rotation, 2 tracks from our A list play out each hour (Mon-Fri). You can expect to hear an A list song approximately 8 times in a 24 hour period

B List

Second highest rotation, one track from the B list will play out an hour. You can expect to hear a B list song approximately 4 times in a 24 hour period.

C List

One track on the C list will be played out approximately every other hour. Typically you can hear a C list track twice in a 24 hour period.

Any questions regarding airplay or rotation should be sent to



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