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New for 2023!

We will be adding music to high rotation twice a month and publishing the playlists here and on our social media pages.

How rotation works

We have a simple set up for rotation on Arc Radio, the most recently released will recieve more airplay! So, you will hear more songs from the 80's than the 60's, all the way up to present day. You will hear more songs from 2023 than 2022 and so on. If you have any questions regarding playlisting please don't hesitate to get in touch - (enquiries only) (music submissions only)




The TOP 100 Country Music Songs was another huge success, with over 2300 of our listeners voting to get their favourites to the top!

If you missed any of the countdown all of the shows are available here to listen back!


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ARC Radio Listener Awards 2021

WHAT a night, a huge thanks to everyone who made our first awards night possible: 

The performers - Stevie O'Connor, Caitlin Mae, Rob Wheeler, Tennessee Twin, Robbie Harte, Gasoline & Matches and Stuart Landon & The Angels with Dirty Faces.

The Asylum and all their staff, thank you for ensuring everything ran smoothly.

The presenters - Nick Cantwell & Louise Parker, Rob Wheeler, Rachel Sellick, Ashli Wain, Stevie O'Connor, Linda Conway & Tennessee Twin.

Our Sponsors - Glam Red Management, Scarlet River Management, Black Mountain Music & Media and Voice of a Woman

Finally, YOU! The ARC Radio listener, thank you for voting and for being apart of the night. Heres to 2022!

To find out who won in each category and more about our sponsors please click here!